Saturday, January 31, 2015

9 Smart Ways President Jonathan Is Fighting Poverty And Improving The Economy (No. 2 May Have Touched You Most)

There is one word I love so much. ECONOMY.

A lot of people use that word… and if you want to feel smart, then you should use it sometimes.

But what really is economy?

Economy is another word for “collective wealth Management”. Wealth is riches – not necessarily money.

My wealth is individual; your wealth is individual. When we join them together, they become “collective wealth”.

So the economy of a country e.g. Nigeria is how the government (and citizens) manage their collective wealth.

When a government improves the economy, he…

Monday, January 12, 2015

7 Impressive Ways President Jonathan Fought Corruption (No. 3 Will Make You Scream)

These days, I hear people say that president Jonathan has done “nothing” to fight corruption in Nigeria.

When I hear this, 2 things come to my mind. It’s either…
  1. They don’t know the truth or…
  2. They are lying

For Nigeria to “beat” 8 countries to become the 136th most transparent country in the world is not accident. It happened for a reason.

Below are 7 things the Nigerian President did to reduce corruption…