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Sunday, June 11, 2017

How Nigeria Can Save Nigerians from Their Environment

Nigeria is a wonderful country.

Why? You ask why? Well, I will tell you.

If the five world’s biggest environmental problem spotted by DW.com was a crime punishable by death, Nigeria will be guilty of all count charges.

  • You doubt the air pollution and climate change claim?


Why don’t I accompany you to the Niger delta where gas flaring is like taking dinner?

Have you been to the communities that shoulder the oil spills? I bet they breath the nicest air.

What about the huge economic and revenue loss?

I bet that counts for nothing right? Wrong!

I’ve noticed that the temperature for most Nigerian cities is now higher. Or am I the only one watching the weather forecasts on TV?

  • Oh where has all the forest gone? Has the deforestation spirit visited?

So we now prefer to turn our forests to buildings; and our trees to wood? Well, it’s good. That’s human advancement.

But we need to be careful because…

  • Soil degradation is real. So the trees are gone and our land is naked.

Now the rains can molest her and take all the juicy nutrients away. How are we supposed to make our food when all the nutrients are gone?

As if that is NOT enough, our darling herdsmen and their beautiful cows won’t let the grass rest.

  • And who say animal extinction is not real in Nigeria?

Where are all the elephants and fine monkeys?

Please call them back O. We need them back. Or have they gone with the forest?

Hmm. Earth will be boring as hell if all these fine animals disappear.

  • Haa… Overpopulation.

Lagos is a mega city. Nice. Kano is a big city. Great.

If you’ve never experienced over population, visit these cities.

Now that we know our problems, what’s…

The way out?


The leadership should play her part. The lead should play their part.

But it should start with the leadership.

Obviously, it should all start with making and implementing the right laws and policies.

Well, I guess you already know that:

Nigerian government is an expert in law making and policy formulation.

In fact, superb laws are on ground to check most of these issues.


And many more.

So the bigger problem is NOT law and policy making. It is enforcement and implementation – and that’s where the real result lies.

But this is NOT to say that implementation is zero. No. Not true. Some of the government’s actions are bringing good results.

Their actions against gas flaring, for example, has significantly brought down gas flaring activities.

They just need improvement. For example, they need to replicate what they did to shell in other sectors.

So yes. Nigerians are expert law makers. But their laws are not perfect. They need improvements too.

The law makers can start by eliminating ambiguity, loop-holes and kid-glove punishment from the Gas Flaring (prohibition and punishment) Bill.

No wonder oil companies still flair with boldness.

Next, is the people:

They need to be carried along.

They need to know how these challenges, laws and policies affect their life, health and wellbeing.

That way, they will key in and take ownership.

The National Orientation Agency can handle that. They were created for that kind of task.

The people also need to listen to and trust their government. They should take the government laws, policies and project as theirs and be willing to defend it.

Anybody found breaking the law should be reported to the appropriate authority.

That way, Nigerians will save themselves from their environment.


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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Christians Only: How Boko Haram is A Blessing

Please ignore that headline. I just needed your attention.

Boko Haram can NEVER be a blessing. It’s a curse: a big problem. But in every problem, there is an opportunity.

For Christianity, it is an opportunity to fulfill their ultimate mandate, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” – Matthew 28: 19 (KJV).

That is what this article is about: a Christian wake-up call.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

9 Smart Ways President Jonathan Is Fighting Poverty And Improving The Economy (No. 2 May Have Touched You Most)

There is one word I love so much. ECONOMY.

A lot of people use that word… and if you want to feel smart, then you should use it sometimes.

But what really is economy?

Economy is another word for “collective wealth Management”. Wealth is riches – not necessarily money.

My wealth is individual; your wealth is individual. When we join them together, they become “collective wealth”.

So the economy of a country e.g. Nigeria is how the government (and citizens) manage their collective wealth.

When a government improves the economy, he…

Monday, January 12, 2015

7 Impressive Ways President Jonathan Fought Corruption (No. 3 Will Make You Scream)

These days, I hear people say that president Jonathan has done “nothing” to fight corruption in Nigeria.

When I hear this, 2 things come to my mind. It’s either…
  1. They don’t know the truth or…
  2. They are lying

For Nigeria to “beat” 8 countries to become the 136th most transparent country in the world is not accident. It happened for a reason.

Below are 7 things the Nigerian President did to reduce corruption…

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Job & Career: How to Land Your Dream Job and Build Your Career

Job in Nigeria has become like diamond. It’s scarce – and it’s a big problem.

While there are fewer vacancies, you can create one for yourself. In fact, you can literally walk into any company and create an office for yourself. All you need is the right information – and skills.

In this section, you’ll discover;

Relationship: How to Succeed With the Opposite Gender

Exploring the opposite gender is one of the most exciting parts of living. Their difference makes them interesting – it’s also the source of the confusion and frustration.

In this section, we’ll demystify the opposite gender – men and women. This is what you’ll be learning;

How to Become Healthier, Feel Sexier And Live Longer

Do you feel uncomfortable about your body and health? Do you want to improve your health and live longer? Or maybe, you want to improve your psychological health and become happier.

Whatever your health goals are, this section has something for you. You’ll learn;

How to Successfully Launch, Maintain and Grow a Business

Most Nigerians are beginning to think more seriously about owning a business – perhaps that’s why you’re here.

People are becoming more aware of the benefits: money, freedom, respect etcetera.

Despite these, there’s an irony; 80% of new businesses fail within the first five years. Most of the surviving ones never really grow. They often serve as means of keeping the owners body and soul together.

Most people attribute this to inadequate capital. But most often than not, it goes beyond this – often a problem of inadequate knowledge and skill.

This blog section is dedicated to solving it.

Here, you’re going to learn;

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Fascial Tattoos (Tribal Marks) Really had a Serious Origin in Africa"

Today, some people are so crazy about tattoos that it has become their life long obsession. And for others? They will rather die than have their skin tattooed.

But, in ancient Africa, where there were only tribes and kingdoms, everybody wore tattoos on the face; a tribal mark.

The mark was an identity card. It told a stranger instantly who you are. Every tribe had their own unique mark. It was important for security and identification. Without it, you wee lost in the world.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Overcome Shyness and Become 100% Confident (2)

Let Us Go Deep Into the Problem

Shyness is an uncomfortable feeling that prevents you from being yourself when you are around people.

Different situations and experiences stimulate shyness in different people: what makes you confident might make the next person shy. You may be confident in singing, dancing and making humor but shy in meeting new people.

When you feel shy, you become self-conscious, tensed and nervous. Most times, you are not sure of the right thing to say or do. As a result, you feel reluctant to act and speak.

These reactions are caused mainly by 2 facts;