Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How MAGNETIC Fliers Can Grow Your Business and Move Your Potential Customers To Hand You Their Money

Has this ever happened to you?

You designed and printed a beautiful business flier. Then you hired people to share it. May be you even shared it yourself.

Later, while walking on the street, you saw your flier littered all over the place.

The worst part:

Only few people contacted you. Or maybe nobody contacted at all.

Why does this happen?

Is it because your flier is not fine enough? Hmm… I doubt. 

Let me ask you: when was the last time you bought from a business just because of how fine their flier was? 

I doubt you ever have. Your potential customers behave the same way too.

Or is it because it’s not unique enough?

Well, how many fliers from different businesses have you ever seen that look exactly the same? How many look similar? I doubt you even notice. And even when you notice, does that move you to buy?

If you don’t patronize businesses just because of the uniqueness of their flier, what makes you think your potential customers will be any different?

So no. uniqueness is NOT the problem. They are refusing to contact you because your flier is NOT MAGNETIC.

What is a MAGNETIC flier?

A magnetic flier is a kind of flier that…

  1.      Attracts your potential customers like magnet
  2.      Holds their interest like glue
  3.      Make them desire what you are selling and
  4.      Move them to hand you their money

It has nothing to do with the beauty or uniqueness of your flier – although that helps.

It’s all about the choice of words and how they make your potential customers feel: about what you say and how you say it.

And contrary to popular believe, Nigerians ACTUALLY read. But not anything. They ONLY read stuffs that matter to them.

Think back at that long Facebook post you read or that interesting news article on It’s the same with everyone else, including your potential customers.

What does that means for your business?

It means that NOT everybody will read your MAGNETIC flier. But those who need, want or desire what you offer (your potential customers) will read it – and act.

And they’re the ones that really matter. Aren’t they?

Here are some examples…

PLEASE NOTE: you will not find this concept anywhere else because it’s my discovery. I stumbled on it in the course of my 10 years study (and experience) in customer psychology, persuasive writing, marketing and sales.

I will love to…

Create a MAGNETIC flier for your business.

These are the information I need:

      1.     Basic information; like….
-         Business name
-         Owner (or manager… or MD… or CEO) name
-         Phone number and email
-         Website
-         Etc
      2.     Tell me about your business e.g.
-         What business are you into
-         What makes your business different from other businesses like yours (in your 
-         How long have you been in business?
-         How many customers have you served (estimate)?
-         (In one sentence) why should a potential customer buy from you instead of 
          buying from someone else (or doing nothing)?
      3.     Tell me about your products/services

If you sell physical/digital goods:
-         What (and what) do you sell?
-         Where do you source your products from?
-         Are they brand new or fairly used?
-         Are they high quality, medium quality or low quality?
-         In what country are they made?
-         E.t.c

If you sell services:
-         What services do you offer
-         Where and how did you acquire your skills?
-         How long did it take you to acquire your skills?
-         How many years experience do you now have?
-         How many customers/clients have you served? (estimate)
-         Do other experts work with you? Tell me about them. The more you tell, the      
-         E.t.c

-         Send me pictures of your company symbols e.g. logos, founders face etc.
-         Has any prominent person(s) or company(ies) ever patronized you?
-         What are the calibers of customers that have patronized you (e.g. diasporans, 
          prominent personalities, professionals’ e.t.c.)
-         Have you won any awards? Tell me about them.
-         Any other thing I should know?

  1. Be as honest with your answers as possible. The more honest you are, the more MAGNETIC your flier will be
  2. Please feel free to skip the answers you can’t answer. But realize that, the more answers you give, the more MAGNETIC your fliers will be

But it’s NOT free

I design MAGNETIC fliers for 5,000. And due to serious demand, what I collect may go up soon.

But if you book on or before Wednesday, 19th July 2017, you will still get it for 5000 – even if what I collect go up.

Also, there is only a certain amount of work I can take at each given moment. If my hands get full, then you may have to wait. Plus, I work on a first come, first serve basis. That's why you need to call me NOW!

So here is how it works:

STEP 1: Call me to indicate your interest. Here is my number 08121374334

STEP 2: You send me 3000 and collect my email. Here is how I receive payment.

STEP 3: You email me the details i need about your business

STEP 4: I start your project.

When it’s ready, I send you a watermarked copy to review and confirm. If you are satisfied, you send me the balance and collect your MAGNETIC flier.

STEP 5:You get your MAGNETIC flier in JPEG, PNG and coral draw format. I will send it to your email where you can download it and use.

Here are…

 2 ways you can use your MAGNETIC flier.
  1. Share it in you your social network. For this, you can use the JPEG or PNG version.
  2. Print and share it. For this, you need the coral draw version. Just give it to the printer. They know what to do.
And in case you don’t know any printing company, there are some good ones online like printivo, instant print and eloquent touch media.

And if you are not sure of how to use these media, I can help you order through printivo.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony Obuegbe

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