Monday, May 28, 2007

''Discover How You Can Become Whom You Want To Be In This Life''

The saying that your destiny lies in your hand is not strange to you. Let me ask you, do you really know what those words means? Do you know how it works? How can you control your life, future and destiny? The answer is embedded in this adage which I'll explain shortly:

watch your thoughts because they'll become words
select your words because they'll become your actions
understand your actions because they'll become you habits
study your habit because they'll become your character
develop your character because they 'll become your destiny.

It means that:

What ever life's experience or event you're thinking of, be it about your job, family, relationship social and private life, always be wary of the set of words you use because words are the code which your brain uses to tell your body what to do i.e your brain uses words to swing your body into action.

Let me explain better. A man whom when thinking of his life, tells himself that he cannot make it in life will never make it because he will always act in ways that will prevent him from making it.

Every action you take are caused by the set of words you've given to a particular thought. You need to understand your actions, so that you'll know where they're leading you to. Action which you perform continuously forms your habits.

Your habits are actions that you invariably and sometimes unconsciously take towards events or experiences. They are the softwares of your body which affects the outcome of every event in you life – successful or failure. That is why you need to study them in order to know whether they are structured to make you succeed or fail in a given event or situation.

The collection of your habits forms your character and the character which you possess is what takes you to your destiny.

From all these, you can see that you are where you are primarily because of the words which you use in your thoughts to quantify your experiences and events in your life.

You've also seen how your destiny lies in your hand. Hence, the fact that you're not living the life of your dreams is nobody's fault but you.

To every event in your life, think positive thoughts, use positive words to qualify them and you'll see yourself acting and reacting in the way that lead to a fulfilled life – your destiny.

Finally, don't ever forget that the power to live the life of your dream lies within you.


  1. I can see how all this would work
    within yourself,regarding things brought about by yourself.
    But what do you do about the other outside influences controlling your life, other people whom you have no control over yet they can destroy you! Do you bring that on yourself? Have I some unknown desire to to destroy myself?

    To see what I am talking about, visit my website and see my 'stepfamily horror story'

    If you can show me how to esape these damaging influences, I would be grateful. I will visit again.

  2. In my opinions, words are not always authentic. The brain uses words to cover up one's true intentions.

  3. I love this post. it is very interesting.