Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something That You Need To Know In Order To Live The Life Of Your Dreams.

The whole human race has sort to know the secret of successful living. You've asked yourself so many questions and tried to answer them satisfactorily.

One of them is probably, ''what do you want from life and how can you get it?''you probably would have asked yourself this question several times with no satisfactory answer.

To answer this, lets look at a fact about the human nature.

We move towards those things, people, places and situations that make us feel good and happy but move away from those that don't. Nobody likes to reject nice food or genuine affection. You definitely would not do those things that brings you pain and discomfort unless there's a reward or pleasure attached to it. That is why you don't do a boring job for nothing. Instead you do it probably because of the monetary reward or some-other reward.

You act like this because of your instinctual desire to satisfy your needs.

Everything that you do comes from your needs and the desire to satisfy them. These desires cause you to set goals and strive to achieve them. The more you achieve, the more fulfilled and happy you feel and the more successful you become.

This means that your goals are the key to becoming what you want to be. But what really are goals and how can you achieve them? Find out in my next post.

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